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Vooray Gym Bag Review

I never felt the need to invest in a gym bag because I used whatever bags were laying around in order to save some $$$.  However, my life has been crazy busy lately and trying to fit in a workout has become more difficult.  I’ve been having to pack my gym clothes or any other outfit changes in a tiny bag and then change wherever possible.  

I found Vooray on Instagram from one of the fitness accounts I follow and fell in love with the patterns of their bags.  I finally convinced myself I wanted needed one, so I ventured onto their website and was actually surprised at the pricing.  The bag I got was $49.99 (including free shipping) and to be honest I expected it to be way pricier than that.  They did have pricier (and cheaper) options depending on what bag you got, but the one I purchased will be just perfect (and was within my budget).


I was so excited that this pattern had come back in stock because I adore anything with a floral pattern!  My second choice was definitely the same pattern but in a white/cream color here.

For me there are two requirements when I buy something:

  1. It must be cute
  2. It must be functional

Obviously, this bag has got the cuteness factor!  For this to be THE bag, it had to pass my functionality test!


T H E    R E V I E W

When I got the bag in the mail I was expecting a little bit bigger.  However, after opening it up a little more I realized it is a nice size for me.  Any bigger and I might as well use my duffel bag and any smaller then I might as well go back to my old ways.  This size allows for me to bring it to work and not feel like i’m carrying an obnoxious bag for vacation and it is just big enough to hold all of my belongings.  They do make a bigger one that is the same style here, but it is $20 more so money was a factor in me getting the smaller bag as well.


One feature for fellow sweaty people like me is the separate shoe compartment in case it gets smelly or dirty. This fits my gym shoes and work shoes perfectly.  So far I’ve been able to comfortably pack in my shoes, pants, shirt, makeup bag, snacks, lunch bag, wallet, and keys.

shoe compartment

The bag also has plenty of compartments on the inside that hold little trinkets like my wallet, keys, hair brush, etc.  It also has a nice and durable material on the bottom to protect it from getting stained or ripped.  These two distinguishing features are what caused me to get this gym bag compared to their other style of bag here that was $34.99.


Another feature I like is the optional over the shoulder strap that can be put on.  I typically just use the two handles, but it is a nice option if I ever do more traveling with it or have it filled a little heavier.


The outside water bottle holder/compartment is another feature I love.  Before, I would stick my water bottle in my bag and pray it wouldn’t leak out.  This one is a lot more functional for me because I am guaranteed it will stay upright and it’s easy access.  However, this only fits some of my water bottles comfortably.  My blender bottle makes it stick out a little far and I would prefer to just carry it separate – so i’ve been using this little outside pocket to hold my phone.

water bottle compartment

Overall, I LOVE this bag – it passes both my cute and functional test! I am in no way sponsored to write this post, but I truly would recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for something to carry around their belongings in an organized and fashionable manner!  It was also fast shipping and is a quality product so far!

Have you tried Vooray?  What’s your favorite gym bag?

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