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Last year I became obsessed really got into learning more about makeup.  I started watching youtube videos to learn about the magical contouring and highlighting.  I’ve always kept my makeup simple and easy, but I loved the idea of trying new things but yet keeping it natural looking.  

Long story short, I became very familiar with Sephora.  After going there in store a few times, I wanted to purchase some new makeup brushes.  Growing up, I would sometimes use my hands to apply my foundation and just had a few brushes from kits I would buy.  As I was about to check out at the counter with my new brushes, one of the sales ladies told me about Morphe Brushes.  She said she probably shouldn’t be telling me this… but the Morphe Brushes in her opinion were cheaper and just as high of quality as Sephora’s brand, Urban Decay, etc.  The average cost of these brushes was around $10 each (the most expensive being $19 and the least being $4.99).


After being told this, I went online and discovered my new favorite makeup brush company – Morphe (btw I am in no way being paid for this – just my genuine opinion).  I could not believe how cheap the brushes were in comparison to other brands.  Having used these brushes for over a year now, I can honestly say that the quality stands.  I love how these brushes apply my makeup and they have held up so nicely.  Here are the brushes I have collected and highly recommend:


These are my favorite face brushes and the links to the website: M439 | E20 | E2 | E4 | M403 | M438

Now I will say that there were a few brushes on my wishlist at the time that were sold out, so I purchased these instead.  Another contour option would be the M459 if you’re looking for a flat brush.  My mom got these brushes too and she had bad luck with her blush brush loosing hairs (Morphe sent her a new one for free).  However, she said it could’ve been her blush compact doing that because another blush compact didn’t do that to the brush.  


These are my favorite eye brushes.  I use the tappered concealer brush to put eyeshadow under my lower eyelid for a smokey eye look.  Here are the links:  E18 | E10 | E30 | E22

The E18 is perfect for creases and the E30 and E22 are great for blending and creating that smokey eye look.

Not included in these pictures is the eyebrow brush I love the E11 (it is pictured below at the bottom of this next picture).  It is great for my eyebrow powder.


Overall, I am low key obsessed with these brushes – great price and high end quality…what more can a girl ask for!?  Morphe does have a few collections to pick from – each increasing in quality.  However, some of these brushes are not their “highest end” collection and they have worked perfectly and stayed in great condition. I would 10/10 recommend these brushes (again, I’m not sponsored/paid to say these opinions).

My pro tip – find a Youtuber or someone who has been given an affiliate link to Morphe that will give you a discount code at checkout!  One that works for 10% off is “JACATTACK” from this Youtuber here.  However, you might be able to find a 15% off from a more recent post/video from another Youtuber.

PS – Morphe is having a 25% off deal right now for Cyber Monday!

Have you heard of Morphe brushes – if so what’s your favorites?

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    March 24, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Marisa, I love your site! Not only is it pretty, but your content is great! This post is perfect for me because 1) I really need to learn how to do make-up and 2) I definitely need to buy some new brushes. So thanks for helping me out with half my dilemma 😉

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      March 26, 2017 at 5:16 pm

      Thank you, Kate! I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂 Makeup is definitely something that takes time to experiment with on what works good!

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