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The Polar FT7 Watch: Cute and Functional

* UPDATE 6/17/16:  See my newest fitness watch review {the Apple Watch} here *

I have been in the market lately for a cute but functional athletic watch.  I had been using the FitBit app (which you can read more about in my previous post here), but the problem with using FitBit just as an app, was I didn’t always have my phone on me, so I would be being active (especially at work) and it wouldn’t be tracking my activity.  So after much research, I went out and bought the FitBit Flex wristband.

The FitBit Flex wristband was cool I’ll admit, but it didn’t have a face on it to show time or any data.  So I returned it to Scheels (God bless their return policy) and continued with my search.   I was looking for something to track my calories and potentially distance walked/ran.  I didn’t consider myself a runner (so I didn’t want to buy the expensive GPS watches) and I didn’t care about my monitoring my heart rate, so that led me to the New Balance Life Trnr.  After having the New Balance Life Trnr for two days, I wasn’t in love.  It had everything I wanted but it wasn’t comfy and it had a dim display.  So again, I returned it.  At this point I can only guess what you guys are thinking… but in my defense I’m a broke college kid so spending my money on something like this I better love it, right?

Long story short.  I ended up getting a heart rate monitor after talking to some people at my work. I never took monitoring my heart rate seriously and never made it a part of my workout routine.  However, after doing some research I found out how important it is.  According to Polar, your max heart rate is 220 minus your age. For weightloss you should have your heart rate be 60-70% of your max heart rate, for weight management and improving cardio fitness it should be 70-80%, and for interval workouts it should be 80+%.  This made me realize how much higher I was in my heart rate zone than I needed to be.  Calculating calories burned by heart rate is also more accurate, which is exactly what I was looking for.  So after all this rambling, if you’re still reading, I bet you’re wondering which watch I bought…

I bought the Polar FT7 watch and I LOVE it.  Not only is it cute, but it tracks how many calories I burn in a workout and lets me know if I’m burning fat or working on cardio fitness with my heart rate.  I ended up buying it for about $80 on Amazon (which is about $30 cheaper than buying it in stores).  Here’s the link if you’re interested:   Polar FT7 Watch on Amazon .



This product came with the watch and the Polar heart rate monitor, which attaches to a strap that goes across your chest.


At first I was hesitant to be interested in this product because I thought the idea of wearing a strap would get annoying or uncomfortable. But in all honesty, I forget it’s even on!


Then there was a catch to the product… in order to see your stats of your workouts online using their program, you had to buy their Polar FlowLink that transfers the data from the watch to the computer.  I ended up buying it on Amazon here for $35.  I justified the purchase because buying the two items together costs the same as it would at Scheels for just the watch.  We will see if end up keeping the FlowLink..



Overall, I love this watch! It has been so fun to track my heart rate (coming from someone who gave no “you know whats” about tracking her heart rate) and seeing how many calories I actually burn during my workouts.  I definitely recommend this product!

Do any of you have the Polar FT7?  What watch do you have? I’d love to hear from you šŸ™‚

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