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Polaroid Camera Review

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite recent purchases – my polaroid camera.  There is something about patiently waiting for your picture to pop out and magically appear that makes taking pictures so exciting!  I bought this camera a year ago and it has yet to disappoint.


There are 5 different light settings you can use for this camera: hi-key, very sunny, somewhat sunny, cloudy, and indoors setting.  This allows for the best lighting possible in each type of setting.  I will say though that it is sometimes tricky to choose the right setting.  It took me awhile to get the hang of understanding the right “light” setting to put it in.  The indoor setting usually works pretty good and gives good color.  However, the outdoor setting is where you want to be careful which one you pick – you don’t want to let in too much light.  Once you get the hang of the setting situation, it produces such beautiful images!  I absolutely adore the look of the vintage pictures that come out and it gives such a fun {and somewhat romantic} vibe.  


I mentioned earlier it was one of my favorite investments – that is because you do have to purchase film.  I have been very stingy on going through my film a) because i’m broke and b) because I want to make sure the pictures I take are special and worthwhile.  I really only use the camera on special occasions {fun girls night, date night, weddings, etc} for the sole reason of having to purchase film.

One of my favorite uses of the polaroid camera’s is at weddings.  Recently, Konrad and I had friends that got married and they used the polaroid camera to take pictures of their guests for the guestbook.  The image was then immediately put into a a darling little book and then we wrote a little note next to our picture!  I thought it was such a lovely idea – a great way to really remember everyone who came to support your special day.


The camera comes in a variety of colors {pink, blue, white, yellow, purple, and raspberry}.  I struggled between choosing the white and the pink, and in the end I chose the pink because it looked more fun šŸ™‚

I ended up purchasing this camera off of Amazon here for $54.89 {about $5 cheaper than stores like Walmart and Best Buy}.

Despite the fact that you do indeed have to pay for film (and it is the year 2016), I love capturing such raw and vintage looking pictures and watching it appear before my eyes.  

Do you have a polaroid camera – if so, what do you like to use it for?  

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