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Healthy Roasted Veggies

Vegetables are something I did not love growing up – especially green beans (still a yuck from me).  But i’m realizing how important they are to incorporate into our diets and how much they are truly lacking in my meals.

Setting out to make these tasty and in no way icky, I quickly ventured onto Pinterest and sought after the perfect roasted veggies recipe.  I stumbled upon Eat Yourself Skinny’s blog and found this amazing recipe and decided to tweak it a bit to fit my supplies and needs! 


The picture from the original recipe on Eat Yourself Skinny looks a lot less roasted, and mine came out unplanned twice now a little more crispy than anticipated.  However, I loved the crunchiness they had because there’s just something about mushy veggies that turns me away.  That being said, if you like yours a little less crunchy, you may have to experiment with your oven to see when they need to be taken out because mine may just cook a little faster 🙂 

One seasoning that I added to this recipe is Tumeric.  I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am always looking for things that I can add to my diet to help with symptoms.  In my family, we also have a lot of symptoms with inflammation – hence why I started incorporating Tumeric into my foods.  Tumeric is from a plant that contains curcumin, which helps decrease swelling, therefore inflammation.  To see a full list of benefits check out this article by WebMD.

[yumprint-recipe id=’28’]Tonight I plan on making these veggies for my boyfriend who is coming back in town.  We’re pairing it with my baked salmon recipe and some quinoa as our other side dish!  This has quickly become my favorite go-to healthy meal.  


What’s your fave go-to healthy meal?

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