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DIY Jewelry Holder

I ADORE the look of rustic barn wood and I have been dying to create a jewelry holder for my necklaces.  I needed a place to store them that would prevent the necklaces from getting tangled {plus having them more visible makes me more likely to wear them}.  


So after wandering around Hobby Lobby for a good hour, I found some barn wood and cute knobs from Pier 1 Imports and created this beauty for only $30!


S U P P L I E S   N E E D E D:

  • Barn Wood {I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $4.99}
  • Screws {3/4 inch screws worked best for my size wood}
  • A drill
  • Cute knobs {I found mine at Pier 1 Imports on sale for $4.80 each}
  • Picture Holder {the thing on the back that holds the nail to hang it}


T H E   P R O C E S S:

  1. Lay out the pieces of wood in the stagger / spacing you want it


  1. Place two of the boards on the back vertically {this will be your base to connect all the boards}
    1. {Please note that I put just one board on the back for stability because I wanted the look of five boards layered.  However, because I put one on the back in the center it wasn’t as stable as I would have preferred, which is why I suggest to put two boards on the back instead}
  2. Take a drill and drill screws into the board 
    1. I drilled from the back to hide the screws.
    2. Size 3/4 inch screws worked best for my thickness of wood – depending on the wood you purchase you may need to adjust.
    3. We had to drill a hole before drilling in the screw to prevent the wood from splitting


  1. Once the piece is in tact, you can drill your holes for the knobs to go in.
    1. I spaced mine out about 3 inches a part.
    2. Then you place the washers in place, put in the knob, and take the nut to tighten it to the wood.


  1. On the back, place the picture holder thingy onto the back and you’re ready to hang your masterpiece!


I am thinking about putting cute pictures from my polaroid camera in the bare spot up top OR putting nails up top and hanging my earrings there.  What’s your fave way to organize your jewelry?

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