DIY Christmas Wreath

Halloween is over which means I can start decorating for Christmas….right?

I love getting in the holiday spirit and I wanted to create some of my own decor this year for three reasons:  

  1. I can make something just as cute as something store bought that is way cheaper
  2. It gives me a nice study break 😉
  3. I can take pride in knowing I created it!


One of the decorations on my list to make was an easy and classy wreath for our front door.  My mom and I went to Michaels and found the materials to make this wreath.  Almost everything was 50% off, so this was super cheap to make.  All together this project cost $20.41, compared to around $35-$50 for a store bought wreath.

M A T E R I A L S   N E E D E D


T H E   S T E P S 

  1. Cut pieces of branches off the plain green branch (of just one single branch) and make sure to cut off the long stems with the wire cutters as well
  2. Lay the branches so that they all face the same direction when “fanning out”
  3. Glue the plain green branches onto the wreath
  4. Cut pieces of the frosted green branches and glue sporadically throughout the wreath
  5. Cut a part the glittery berries and place sporadically throughout as well


Voila!  You have an easy, classic, and cheap wreath! 🙂 If you give this craft a try, tag your photo on Instagram @thebalancedguru I’d love to see your creation 🙂

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