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Chicken Salad Sandwich

One of my all time favorite sandwiches is the classic chicken salad.  It feels light but yet tasty.  However, I’d be naive to think that the restaurant recipes are by any means light.  I have been dying to concoct a recipe that tastes as good as my college dining halls {never thought i’d say that – shoutout to Husker Hoagies}.  After trying a recipe that substituted mayo for greek yogurt, I knew that there would be a healthier way to enjoy the same dish I love, without sacrificing flavor.


I also love that this recipe was easy to make and will make for good leftovers.  I am trying to be better about meal prepping and this chicken salad is the perfect staple – it can be eaten on bread, tortillas, lettuce {like this wrap here}, or as a salad.  This recipe would also taste great with added extras {depending on your preferences} such as:  tomatoes, apples, grapes, celery, and more {the list goes on and on}.

[yumprint-recipe id=’16’] chickensalad3

Love, love, love how this recipe turned out.  I am always nervous to experiment and try new things in the kitchen – but the excitement that comes when a recipe turns out great is what makes it worth the fear, right? 

What’s your favorite sandwich recipe?  If you give this one a try, tag me @thebalancedguru on social media!

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