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  • Crafts DIY Sorority

    DIY Crew Neck

    Happy Sunday everyone! I have a feeling until things wind down with school I will be posting on Sundays only. Sorority crew necks are cute, simple, cozy, and the perfect accessory…

  • Crafts DIY Sorority

    DIY Sharpie Mug

    It’s official, I am a “big”! I have been crafting this past summer and the past week for my “little” sister in my sorority and it has been a blast {see…

  • Sorority

    Sorority Recruitment

    « H E L L O   L O V E L I E S » August has been a crazy month:  moving my family into their new house, moving into my…

  • Crafts DIY Sorority

    DIY Craft Ideas

    Happy Saturday everyone! I’ve been so busy lately I feel like I haven’t posted in way too long! My family is moving and I am moving into my sorority here next…

  • Crafts DIY Sorority

    DIY String Art

    I found this really neat craft project on Pinterest and just had to re-create it as a gift for my little in my sorority! {You can see my other DIY gifts…

  • Life Sorority

    A Sorority Appreciation Post

    I was looking through some of my pictures from this past year and man has time flown by.  Like, seriously.  Not only is it July already, but i’m going to be…