• Meals Recipes

    Chicken Taco Spaghetti Squash

    Real talk – I was diagnosed a little less than 6 months ago with Hypothyroidism and even though my TSH levels have regulated, I still have been experiencing the classic symptoms…

  • Meals Recipes

    Healthy Roasted Veggies

    Vegetables are something I did not love growing up – especially green beans (still a yuck from me).  But i’m realizing how important they are to incorporate into our diets and…

  • Meals Recipes

    Healthy Mashed Cauliflower

    Are carbs your weakness? More specifically, are mashed potatoes your weakness? When you go to Thanksgiving and see the creamy, buttery, mashed potatoes does your water at the sheer sight? If…

  • Recipes Snacks

    PB Snack Bites

    If you’re looking for the perfect little snack and if you love peanut butter this is the recipe for you! Last month during finals week, I mixed together some ingredients and…

  • Meals Recipes

    Lemon and Garlic Baked Salmon

    I used to despise eating fish… that is, until I bravely tried salmon for the first time.  It was in the form of a salmon patty – caked in breading and…

  • Health/Beauty

    The Best Makeup Brushes

    Last year I became obsessed really got into learning more about makeup.  I started watching youtube videos to learn about the magical contouring and highlighting.  I’ve always kept my makeup simple…

  • Meals Recipes

    Healthy Avocado Pasta Salad

    Whether it be a side dish or the main course, I love a good pasta salad recipe.  To be honest, I don’t eat avocados that much unless it’s in guacamole form…

  • DIY

    DIY Christmas Wreath

    Halloween is over which means I can start decorating for Christmas….right? I love getting in the holiday spirit and I wanted to create some of my own decor this year for…